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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela
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We don't know the power of our voice until we use it; let's use our voice to fight for a better city!
Over the next few years, together we can fight to make this city—our city— a better place to live. We might not have been in the halls of power before, but we will organize, we will fight, and we will achieve real, tangible victories.
I am hopeful, too. I am hopeful because I know that we can make this city a better place to live for all of us, whether you have lived here all your life, or whether you recently came back home, like me, and fell back in love with this wonderful place and have put down your roots.
Hope, because our communities have had real victories that have demonstrated what happens when we fight for our city.

·Masters of Science in Higher Education and Administration
·College Administrator
·Managed $4.7 Million Dollars in grant funding for the City of Brownsville, TN
·Implemented Workforce development initiative to create a Career ReadyCommunity for Little Rock, AR and Brownsville, TN
·Produced workforce development training classes for the City of Brownsville, TN
·Trained and Certified over  5000 in Workforce Development in Little  Rock, AR
·Certified by: ADA, TDOT, International Retail Economic Development, USA Grant Management Association, as well as, a Career Development Facilitator
·Small business owner
 "I understand the magnitude of the office and the importance of moving Jackson Madison County forward in economic development, while keeping the welfare of people at top of mind.

What I love about Jackson is the rebirth that is taking place right before our eyes in individual’s lives, in business along with civic pride. I am proud to be a Jacksonian.  However, we cannot forget about those whose voice isn't strong as of yet, and that is our children."
- Almeta M. Ellis

"True leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."

Applying for a job to serve the public is one that takes great dedication, perseverance, prayer, and adaptability.  I must say that Madison County is made up of some wonderful individuals and I am glad to have been able to meet so many of them over the last several months of canvassing.  Since March our efforts of knocking on doors and meeting our neighbors has proven to be worthwhile and uplifting.  Although, many of our neighbors have great concerns they are committed to seeing our community progress and improve for our children, our elderly, honestly for everyone.  This progression can only be done if we have candidates that reflect our values.  This can only be done if we elect individuals who have shown that they are willing to work with everyone, regardless of party lines, to work to move our community towards a community that we can be proud to leave to our children's children.  They are our legacy. 

  1. Education
    Jackson Madison County prides itself in its slogan, "You Connect Here." However, for this statement to prove true, we must provide the necessities that attract and retain talent in our community. 87% has a high school degree 25% have a Bachelor’s degree 8% percent have a Masters degree or higher These numbers are partially attributed to the public school education system. By having a strong academic sector, we can attract and retain young talent with growing families that want a small welcoming community without feeling that they are removed from city living. By having a strong educational system, we will attract those individuals. As an educator, it has been my personal goal to assist in the preparation of tomorrow’s leaders. Working in higher education, it pained me to have to explain to a student who graduated in the top ten percentile of his class that they had to take remedial classes. We must prepare our children at an early age with a strong educational foundation.
  2. Economic Development
    My grandmother believed that ALL children can learn; the teacher had to use his or her skills to reach each child where they were. Many children were the recipients of good quality public school education. In my few short years of parenting, I am meeting more and more parents that choose to home school their children because they are disappointed in the direction our county is earmarking funding. The bottom line is that JAILS are a big business, and education is not. According to the Department of Corrections, we do not have a major problem of overcrowding in jails, and a new facility is not necessary. Economy is booming in school to prison pipelines, and our tax dollars are going to fund debtor’s prisons instead of funding education.
  3. Workforce Development
    Workforce Development
About Me
Get to know who represents YOUR VOTE.  
I am so lucky, and we are all so lucky, to live in a city with communities like this one. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a neighborhood that had public parks where I could play, a public library where I could read, a public rec center where I could swim, and most importantly, public schools where I got a great education. That education formed me, like it formed so many of you. It unlocked the possibilities of the world.

I am a mother, lover of the arts, with a strong desire to be a part of change by taking a seat at the table. My love affair with giving back was sparked long ago in high school then college and has never ceased. Making the decision to run seemed like a natural transition after being Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Brownsville, TN. Using the knowledge I gained, coupled with my leadership skills to make a bigger impact in our community and inspire our next generation!
Advocate for the People
Lend a Helpful hand


Always Listen

Do the Right thing


Repsect others

Serve the people
 Granddaughter to Walter, Sr. and the late Tommie Slack; daughter of the late Jonah Ellis and Maria Slack-Ellis; and mother to an energetic four-year-old named Aubrey,  I was born into a family of educators and go-getters.  My grandfather worked from barely being able to gain employment and sweeping the floors at the Coca-Cola factory to becoming their first African-American Foreman.  My grandmother, an educator who specialized in Special Education, taught countless individuals in Madison and Hardeman County over her career.  Both grandparents valued education and the arts and instilled that into their children.   My mother has been an educator in Madison County Schools until her recent retirement. She received her Ed in education. My father; a world renowned singer, song writer, and producer; held a Masters in Music.  My family is comprised of educators and musicians.  We are rich in knowledge and information.  We all believe that with a strong educational foundation anything is possible.
My career choices have provided me opportunities to serve others in many different capacities.  I have worked as an administrator in higher education, for the state department in Career Development, as well as, a public servant for the City of Brownsville.  All of these experiences have shaped me to have a great appreciation for our people and our community. Now, as a small business owner it is imperative that my service is always top quality. I want to bring these same ethics, skills, characteristics, and quality to our County Commission.    

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